bletchley circle.
did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?
i wonder what subtle form of manslaughter is next on the program. am i to be dropped into a vat of molten steel and become part of a new skyscraper, or are you going to ask this female to kiss me again and poison me to death?
– hold me. – i can’t.
why did you lie to me? because i’m a wild animal.
– maybe paris has a way of making people forget. – paris? no. not this city. it’s too real and too beautiful to ever let you forget anything.
this is very unusual. i’ve never been alone with a man before – even with my dress on. with my dress off, it’s most unusual.
into the fire feeling higher than the truth.
boeuf bourguignon.
paul, i think i’m gonna be a lousy wife. but don’t be angry with me. i love you very much – and i’m very sexy!
♫ i’m tired of being clever, everybody’s clever these days. ♫
i heard someone say something recently, that it just takes one person, you know. just one person to make you feel like you belong. to make you feel special. and i think that that’s true.
la délicatesse.
romantics anonymous.
when i feel your velvet, i can’t help it. and you don’t breathe, so you can’t leave.
20 inspirations, part one: tv shows.
woody & scarlett & london.