london interview no⁵.

here’s london interview number five, this time with sofia capel, swedish blogger. she blogs about feminism and short skirts. my kind of girl.

what do you do?
i study creative writing & journalism at kingston university, freelance as a photographer, occasionally deejay at radio station camden unsigned, babysit a three-year-old, work on my debut novel and write a helluva lotta articles. on saturday i will talk about the under-representation and misrepresentation of women in the media at SOAS.

why do you do it?
because it’s so much fun!

what inspires you, in life and on the internet?
beautiful pictures and courageous people

why do you love london?
there is always something to do here. i love that you can sit in a dirty squat in camden and drink cheap vodka one night and then get in for free and drink all you want at a top class mayfair night club the next.

what is your first memory of the city?
driving through the foggy night to stevenage

a taste or smell you associate with it?
beer and chips

where do you go to get inspired?
one tree hill in greenwich park

favorite londoner(s)?
my friends!

what is your favorite part(s) of london, and why?
i love kentish town where I live. greenwich was my first home in london, and it is probably the most picturesque little big city village in the world. but now with the olympics that place has changed. i do like highgate and some parts of east london.

favorite free thing to do?
sit by regents canal in the summer

what are your top five london shops?
miss selfridges, jessops, vintage world, american apparel and fortnum & mason(although it’s not categorically a shop).

where is the best place for…
afternoon tea?
kensington hotel
the breakfast club in angel
stoke newington and camden
a day in the park?
now that greenwich park is messed up: hyde park or kensington gardens
vintage shopping?
brick lane
making out?
some wine bar that plays ’60s soul
feeling creative?
own bedroom.

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