london interview no⁴.

her kjem london-intervju nummer fire, denne gongen med carrie! carrie har ein av dei mest suksessfulle bloggane i heile england. ho studerar mote på middlesex, likar ost på alt og er óg, tilfeldigvis, min venn!

here is london interview number four, this time with carrie! carrie runs one of the most successful blogs in the uk, studies fashion at middlesex, likes cheese on everything and is, it so happens, my friend!

what do you do?
i’m a student, but that sounds terribly boring, so lets say blogger/photographer/writer/optimist.

why do you do it?
because it gives me a happy feeling in my belly? does that sound silly?

what inspires you, in life and on the internet?
girls with massive eyeliner flicks and ankle socks, my hard-working boyfriend, sunshine, my favourite music.

why do you love london?
it’s so diverse, you can be whoever you want to be in london and nobody will bat an eyelid. everything is on your doorstep, from the best place to drink tea, to best place to listen to live music.

what is your first memory of the city?
i fell in love with london a long time ago. from an early age i’d travel here with my mum – we’d go and see a musical together once a year. i found it so exciting, the shops, the food, the parks and museums, but mostly the clothes people wore. i’d come back to my house in the countryside with some strange garment bought in camden town, wondering how to wear it in my small town without getting any funny looks. london felt so new and exciting.

a taste or smell you associate with it?
the tube, the crowds of people shuffling along, the waffle stand as you leave oxford circus station.

where do you go to get inspired?
the v&a museum has to be a favourite, but one of my favourite things to do is go and study the egyptian mummies in the british museum. rather morbid, i know, but i find it fascinating. the museums here are so amazing.

what is your favorite part(s) of london, and why?
i love to walk around west london, trying to peek into the windows of the huge houses, wondering who lives there and pondering what they did to afford such a place. not to mention picking out my dream house and making plans for when i live there one day.

favorite free thing to do?
the parks. take a walk up to primrose hill with a picnic and enjoy the view of our beautiful city. or take a camera to hyde park and make friends with a squirrel or two.

what are your top five london shops?

in no particular order:



fifi wilson



where is the best place for…

afternoon tea? try the berkeley, completely extravagant, but beautiful.
breakfast? the breakfast club, of course. ; )
drinks? i don’t drink myself, so haven’t got a suggestion i’m afraid!
a day in the park? st james’s park – they have pelicans!

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