london interview no³.

mens eg ventar på å få tilbake macen min(det har vore ei hard veke), tenkte eg å fortsetta med london-intervjua mine! laetitia som skriv mademoiselle robot er ein av dei mest kick-ass kvinnene i heile bloggverda. ho skriv om mote og kvardagen sin som motebloggar på ein så himla smart og morsom måte.

while i wait for my mac to come back(it’s been a rough week), i thought i’d continue with my london interviews! laetitia aka mademoiselle robot is one of the most kick ass women in the entire blog industry. she writes about fashion and her every day life as a fashion blogger in such a smart and funny way.

what do you do?
i am a videogames journalist turned fashion blogger. i also do many many more things, like consulting, freelance writing, djing and i am in the process of writing my first book.

why do you do it?
because i love it!

what inspires you, in life and on the internet?
i find absolutely everything inspiring. when i walk around london or anywhere in the world for that matter – which happens a lot as i am constantly running between meetings or travelling – i constantly look at my surroundings and i take everything in. it is not a conscious process, i am just very curious/nosey by nature and i am a little greedy when it comes to discovering the world. i take inspiration from films, books, magazines of course, but also from architecture, people’s faces, animals, old photographs… anything goes really.

why do you love london?
i love it because it is so big and full of energy. there is always something happening and all different areas have very defined personalities and styles.

what is your first memory of the city?
when my mum first took me to london as a child. i was 7 and i remember being amazed by absolutely everything. this started my love story with london!

a taste or smell you associate with it?
the taste: english breakfast tea with milk and no sugar – even after 8 years of living here, it still reminds me of the very first time i tasted it in london. as for the smell… perhaps the smell of streets after the rain. it is very green and fresh. in paris (where i come from) when it rains it just smells of wet dog poo!

where do you go to get inspired?
nowhere in particular, i have quite a contemplative personality so if i need to feel inspired i will most likely sit at my window, smoke a cigarette (don’t do it at home kids!) and just daydream for a while. in a perfect world, i would jump in my private jet and go to los angeles where i would sit on venice beach and do exactly the same, but by the sea.

favorite londoner(s)?
my husband. ♥

what is your favorite part(s) of london, and why?
i love bloomsbury. i lived there for 5 years and made my first proper “home” there. it is a beautiful area, loaded with history and right in the centre of london. i now live in notting hill, which is equally pretty, and i am lucky to be here, but i miss my old haunts!

favorite free thing to do?
feeding the ducks, swans and geese in kensington gardens.

what are your top five london shops?
village bicycle
merchant archive
beyond retro

where is the best place for…
afternoon tea? liberty’s!
breakfast? an old crappy café!
drinks? bourne & hollingsworth.
a day in the park? hyde park.

all images belong to mademoiselle robot.

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