london interview no².

her kjem london-intervju nummer to, det er av min fine paris-venn haleigh av making magique!

here is london interview number two, this time it’s my lovely paris friend haleigh from making magique!


what do you do?
i live in paris where when i am not working on my online store shop rebelle i eat french pastries, perfect silly outfits, dance the night away with friends and search endlessly for true love. i also get to travel quite a bit!

why do you do it?
half of what i do is to pay the bills. the other half i do because it keeps me young and creative and my heart beating!

friday saturday.

what inspires you, in life and on the internet?
in life i am most inspired by travel. in the last six months i have been to six countries discovering new places and people. when i travel i feel free and can imagine and can see a million alternative possibilities for my life. on the internet i could spend hours on vimeo. it never ceases to amaze me how much creative talent is out there telling visual stories and vimeo i think it one of the best place to go search and discover it.

why do you love london?
i love the paradox that london is. there is so much tradition and history in the city and life there, and at the same time there are bright bursts of color and quirky style covering the streets. in paris life is beautiful but people don’t stray from the norm. in london you can be whatever and however you want and there is a place to fit in.

work day.

what is your first memory of the city?
my mom took me to london when i was seven. it was my first journey abroad, and as an american it ignited something profound in me. i come from the land of freeways and suv’s and suddenly was surrounded for the first time by real european charm and history. i remember seeing cats in the west end, the crown jewels, and a baby pink crushed velvet dress my mom bought me at harrods. for me it was magic, and the spark that lit my allure to build my life in europe.

a taste or smell you associate with it?
the tube in london smells like no other in the world, strangely i like it because it’s tied to such a strong memory. of course the taste of pink champagne truffles because i buy them at charbonnel & walker every time i go to london!


where do you go to get inspired?
the british museum has this incredible gallery that is a mix of different china, porcelain, small scale sculpture, and jewelry from many eras. it’s my favorite gallery there and with some many carefully crafted detailed objects in one place there is enough esthetic inspiration to to last a life time.

favorite londoner(s)?
lately i am loving natalie of “canned fashion”! i also like “it girl” bip ling right now for her style as well. prince harry is pretty cute too…is he still single?


what is your favorite part(s) of london, and why?
notting hill. i lived there for two weeks so i feel like it’s my home neighborhood in london. it’s lovely to be close to the portobello market and all the other cute shops and restaurants notting hill has to offer.

favorite free thing to do?
the food court at harrods! i could eat my way through an entire day in there.

what are your top five london shops?
harvey nichols for everything.
agent provocateur for pin-up cuteness.
tabio for awesome socks and stockings!
beyond retro for vintage fun.
charlotte olympia for dream shoes i wish i could afford!

london. two.

where is the best place for…
afternoon tea? the orangery in hyde park.
breakfast? laduree! i can’t fight the french in me even on the other side of the channel.
drinks? experimental cocktail club in china town.
a day in the park? whichever park mariell and jostein are hanging out in.

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