london interview no¹.

framover kjem eg til å legga ut små fine intervju av folk eg likar om byen eg bur i! først ut er jaclyn som driv ein av dei finaste bloggane eg veit om, audrey grace. den handlar om gamal eleganse og er fylt til randen av fine intervju og inspirasjon. eg håpar at desse intervjua vil opna opp london litt for alle de som har reiseplanar i magen og inspirera. håpar de likar det!

/this is the first of many interviews where i will ask some of my favorite bloggers about london! first up is jaclyn who runs one of the loveliest blogs i can think of, audrey grace. it’s about old elegance and filled with interviews and inspiration. i hope these interviews will open up london for those of you who want to travel, and i that it will inspire you. enjoy!

what do you do?
i am pursuing an acting career. i am in my last semester of university at fordham in nyc, where i will receive my degree in acting in may. i also own a boutique in jackson (audrey grace), which will also pop up in nyc march 23rd-31st. i also run a blog for the shop, and i am beginning a career as a freelance stylist. all at the age of 23!

f + f.


why do you do it?
i only do things that i love. i love acting and fashion. i love the thrill of performing on stage. it’s the greatest thing for me. my love for fashion follows not too far behind.. it’s the simple thrill of identifying with a fashion show or editorial… falling in love with a piece of clothing..

what inspires you, in life and on the internet?
i am inspired by beautiful photographers (tim walker, yelena yemchuk, stacey mark, dan estabrook, nicky peacock, marie zucker, jessica silversaga, etc.), high fashion designs (rodarte, chanel, louis vuitton, marc jacobs, valentino, miu miu, prada, etc.) seeing amazing work of actors on stage and on film (most notably cate blanchett and meryl streep), work of stylists i admire (leith clark, michelle reneau, heathermary jackson, etc.).. on the internet, i love discovering new blogs… my favorite blogs are currently the cherry blossom girl, the wild fleur, wish wish wish, wayward daughter, lost in the haze, rosaspina vintage, hannah & landon.. and yours! really too many to name!

covent garden.


why do you love london?
i have been fortunate enough to spend the past three summers in london studying acting. to me, london is both the capital of theatre and fashion. so it combines both of my loves. new york has both excellent theatre and fashion too- but i feel like there is just a different energy in london. i love all the different neighborhoods- covent garden, shoreditch, notting hill, chelsea, camden, holland park and all the amazing markets- portobello, columbia road, broadway market, etc. i also love to visit my favorite theatres while i am there- the almeida, royal court, national, rsc, etc. london produces a lot of excellent new plays and musicals as well as home to the top shakespeare company in the world! i also think the music scene in london is unbelievable. london also has amazing designers- christopher kane, richard nicholl, vivienne westwood, house of holland, emma hill for mulberry, and i loved luella…

what is your first memory of the city?
i remember being on my first plane ride to london when i was about nine… i watched both shakespeare in love and elizabeth- two movies that were totally inappropriate for a nine year old but that made me fall in love with british history. i remember staying in the lanesborough hotel on this trip- we had our own butler and amazing tall ceilings!

a taste or smell you associate with it?
i would say something like tea and the smell of freshly cut flowers on columbia road.

st. martin's courtyard.


where do you go to get inspired?
in london, i love to wander around and discover new places. i think primrose hill is absolutely beautiful..  i love gloucester road and regent’s park road and then reading in the sunshine on the hill.. there is an excellent vintage shop on primrose hill called shikasuki which has amazing vintage.. also i have had the most amazing theatre experiences in london so i think going to the theatre can also be inspiring.. or browsing in one of london’s excellent bookshops… i also saw the enchanted palace at kensington palace about the princesses and found it very inspiring and beautiful! i love all the interactive theatre that comes out of london- such as punchdrunk, and the secret cinema.

favorite londoner(s)?
they would be two of my best friends- alannah georgiou and hannah sheen.. alannah is an actress and she is extremely talented and going to be super successful. hannah currently works at vogue uk and i wouldn’t be surprised if she took over one day! i am very lucky to be friends with them..
i also think london just has the most stylish girls.. alexa chung, emma watson, poppy and cara delevigne, eliza doolittle, mary charteris and clara paget come to mind.. but really there are so many… and i love carrie of wishwishwish..

work day.


what is your favorite part(s) of london, and why?
if i could live anywhere, i would live in covent garden, chelsea, the east end by columbia road, or primrose hill.. i have too many favorite parts.. i also love the south bank! i love that each neighborhood is different and is known for different things… i love the cobblestone streets in covent garden, the posh king’s road, the artsy east end, and the quietness and quaintness of primrose hill.. i have also heard hampstead is really nice and village like.. although i have yet to visit there! i’d love to visit the john keats house.

favorite free thing to do?
i suppose walking around the city and taking inspiring pictures.. window shopping..

drinking wine from plastic bags.
breakfast club.

what are your top five london shops?
lucy in disguise
fifi wilson
j & b the shop (columbia road)
(but there are tons more)

where is the best place for…
afternoon tea? i love the fashion tea at the berkeley & laduree!!
breakfast? the breakfast club or the diner.. i love traditional english breakfasts!!!
drinks? well it’s pretty much a restaurant, but nobu has excellent drinks..
a day in the park? regent’s park or kensington gardens

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